What are the common pet emergencies?  Where could they happen? Are you prepared to help your best friend any place, any time?  Get prepared click here to see the schedule and register.

Welcome Caring Pet Parent…

  • Did you know it is estimated 92% of all pets will experience a major medical emergency in their lifetime?
  • Do you know what steps you can take if your dog or cat has an emergency?
  • Did you know we offer public AND private pet first aid classes?


  • Dogs and cats will naturally hide illness and injury from humans and other animals to maintain their social standing and to not appear weak.  
  • If you can quickly recognize an animal having a medical emergency and take the proper first aid actions, you can make a difference in how much pain and suffering the animal experiences.  You may even impact the level of need and subsequent cost of hospitalization.  
  • R.E.A.L. Pet First Aid Training makes a difference! Our professional pet first aid training gives you the confidence to handle any pet emergency in a calm manner with logical steps.

We provide public and private pet first aid & CPR training classes for individual professional pet handlers, pet industry businesses, animal welfare groups, and responsible pet parents of all ages.  Through 6 hours of hands on practice, interactive training, live animal demonstration, and the latest science based curriculum, you will gain the skills to recognize and respond to any dog or cat having an emergency.

Public Pet First Aid & CPR training classes are regularly held in the southeast Michigan area.  Our public classroom is less than 60 minutes from the Detroit, Ann Arbor and Toledo areas with easy highway access.  If our public class location or dates are not convenient, please contact us and request a class in your area.  We do take our class on the road!

All class participants may elect to test their knowledge through our 40+ question logic based certification exam. A score of 80% or higher earns you a signed certificate, allows for listing in our directory of certified providers (under construction), use of the Registered Emergency Animal Lifesaver logo and title, and the necessary support and training to keep you up to date on the latest scientific changes in emergency pet care.  

Get prepared BEFORE something happens, sign up for a class because statistics say it is not if, but when!  Be sure to check for upcoming public classes or you can request a private class


Get your team ready for any animal emergency with our training. Don’t delay, statistics say it’s not if… but when! Are you a pet professional? Did you know we can present a full pet first aid class at your business or venue to train all your team at once? Not only is pet first aid training the responsible thing to do, our pet first aid program will help your business!  Click to learn more about Private Pet First Aid Classes for non-profits and businesses

What will you learn?

  • Adaptive Pet CPR ™
  • Calming Your Pet In An Emergency
  • Taking Vitals
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Choking
  • Poisons & Inducing Vomiting
  • Bandaging Cuts, Punctures & Abrasions
  • Understanding Diabetic Pets
  • Stocking Your First Aid Kit
  • And much more!  Read more about our curriculum here.

Be ready to learn! All classes include 6+ hours with an experienced instructor, hands on practice with live and dummy dogs, interactive lecture and live animal demonstration all based on the latest science within the emergency animal care industry. For example, Our “Adaptive CPR for Pets” lesson incorporates the latest guidelines from the RECOVER initiative – Reassessment Campaign on Veterinary Resuscitation for canine and feline CPR…learn more here.  From the RECOVER initiative alone, we have highlighted over 20 new guidelines and actions that studies show improve survival rates – actions you can take during a pet emergency!  Don’t delay… sign up today and you’ll learn how to make a REAL difference in your pets lives!

Our Promise: Our training has been designed to be comprehensive and easy to learn. If you find this to be untrue, simply contact us for a 100% refund. This is our promise to you and your pets. If you have any questions please contact us, or if you are ready register for a public pet first aid & CPR class now or request a private class. We love teaching and hope you’ll join us in making a difference in every pet’s life!